Planned Parenthood Spot!

In light of the recent (and constant) attacks on healthcare and abortion access, I feel very fortunate to have worked with Fictionless on this ad for Planned Parenthood. Check out me and my dreamy girlfriend, Evie, below! And then click this link to donate to Planned Parenthood! #thisishealthcare

Health care is birth control, STI testing and treatment, HIV testing, and LGBTQ care. Health care is pap tests, breast exams, and cancer screenings. Health care is Planned Parenthood.

Midsummer & Richard III this Summer!

This just in: this Summer, I will be joining Hip to Hip Theatre Company for their 2019 season! In A Midsummer Night’s Dream, I will be playing Helena, my very oft called-back-for, never-before-cast-as role (we’ve all got a few), as well as winner of #1 snuggliest Mechanical, Snug the Joiner. In Richard III, I will be playing jaunty lord (also describes my gender ID, to be honest) Dorset.

These two shows are running in rep from July 24th-August 25th, touring to 14 parks in all 5 boroughs, as well as Jersey City and Southampton. No tickets required; all shows are free!